In December one of the women at work received a “Random Acts of Kindness” Advent calendar with kindness missions for each day. I don’t know what the specific directives were, but she wrote some nice words on a sticky note and put it up on the mirror in the ladies’ room on our floor.

Note #1 is the coral one in the middle of the mirror and it says, “How do you get that dewey glow?”.

A couple of days later there appeared a second post, then another, and over the holidays a pad of sticky notes and Sharpie pen were left on the counter and the wall of nice words blossomed.


Given my past job experiences where there were trails of blood on the carpets from the knives that had been stuck in my back, this feels like a pretty warm and cozy place. Almost the antithesis of the land of Mean Girls that I previously inhabited.

We need more of this. Supportive without attacking an individual or group … just nice words.

How would this go over in your work place?


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