UFOs (Unfinished Objects)

I’m beginning to think that I was in a bit of a funk the entire 6 years we were in the townhouse. Pre-Townhouse I always gardened, read books. socialized, did crafts, and worked on the house.

For a variety of reasons, things changed in the townhouse. Part of it was living in a smaller abode that was very dark, and a bigger part was a job where I was pretty much powerless. I didn’t realize what had dropped out of my life until there was a UFO contest (UnFinished Objects) contest on Pattern Review. Most people who sew have a bunch of half-finished projects. Not me. Everything is done. I have no partially completed tasks in this house. Jobs are started, finished, and then the mess is promptly tidied up and put away.

Sounds pretty damned orderly, doesn’t it?

But as I looked at how many unfinished projects my fellow sewers had, I started to wonder why I don’t have UFOs. Why don’t I have a bunch of projects sitting around half done? There are many projects that lie unstarted, but nothing half done. At first I was feeling chuffed and a bit superior, but then I realized that not starting is as much of a problem as never finishing.  Which means I’m missing out. There are loads of things that could be done around here if I would only allow myself to not finish.

So I set myself another challenge. Start things, but don’t finish.

For the past couple of weeks I allocate bits of time to do certain things each day. I set an alarm for say, 30 minutes, then work until the buzzer rings and I stop. Doesn’t matter if I’m not finished, I stop.

Yes, I know I likely have huge control issues and this is still very regimented, but it’s teaching me to walk away from things.

Tonight, for example, I gave myself 45 minutes to tidy the bedroom and closet and work on laundry, then 30 minutes to clean up the back garden. The laundry is done, but when the buzzer went off there’s a stack of stuff not yet put away. And that’s o-kay. (Why do I hear Stewart Smalley when I say that?) Socks won’t be ruined if they sit until tomorrow morning.

Bits and pieces are actually adding up to bigger things. There have been 3 x 30-minute increments working in the garden and the outside work is not completed, but there is clear progress, and I’m also not falling over exhausted from trying to do too much all at once. Baby steps.

And I’ve set a buzzer on this blog post. I could agonize for hours over something that really is just for me, and maybe no one else will read it. Writing is never really finished, right?

Check-in on Check Marks

A little pat on my own back. On February 20th I committed to working out every morning – and that habit has stuck! In the almost 50 days since then I’ve missed only 3 days, and all of those were days when we were traveling. Every morning I get up and do something – usually walk at least 2 miles. And you know what, I love it!

Do you have issues with starting or finishing projects? 


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