How can it be mid-July? What happened to June, Canada Day and the 4th?

I keep taking pictures, telling myself that I’ll post them on my blog. But then when I sit down in the evening, I vow to stay off electronics so they go unposted.

The garden is in full glory. Weather-wise, we’ve had a great summer. Lots of rain, plenty of sun, not too much withering heat.

Today someone brought in to the office a huge basket full of tomatoes – four kinds of tomatoes. Last week there was close to a bushel of peaches (this is Georgia, y’all!).

Yesterday I took a personal day and stayed home to just get caught up on a few things. Since we moved 51 weeks ago, I have had a grand total of only 4 weekdays at home, and all were holidays so I wasn’t alone and there were meals to cook and activities to attend. The 4th of July was a complete write off because we were all so exhausted from the record-heat of the morning’s 10km Peachtree Road Race.  So yesterday, alone in the house with just the kitties, I completely relished the absolute quiet of a suburban house on a weekday. The stillness and silence that immediately brings me back to my childhood.

Last night I bought lottery tickets so I can have more days like that. More days when I’m not lamenting that summer is passing by too quickly. Before it is gone and it seems ridiculous to post summer photos, here are a few to remind myself of this summer.

Hydrangeas in early June. The depth of colour was a wonderful surprise
Our friends the bees enjoying echinacea
The garden on the campus at work. No filter, no editing. Pretty darned good depth of field from the standard iPhone app.
Patio Tomatoes


And we went on a cruise in June. Just a relaxing time …
4th of July with 60,000 hot, sweaty Atlantans
Aldi French Lemonade bottles. Same stuff as Trader Joe’s. Half the price. Great for vases or homemade vinegars.
Peonies and Gladiolus from the grocery store. Last bunch of Peonies of the year. A childhood favourite, they remind me of summer at home. Huge, fragrant peonies – so heavy that the stalks would fall over. And always covered with ants.

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