My employer really works hard to create employee engagement. All of that culture-creation doesn’t come cheap.

Any time we’re asked to do anything, there are prizes for participation. Give to the charitable campaign? There’s a chance to win a prize!

Then there are employee appreciation weeks where we’re encouraged to give points to our coworkers. Said points can be used to buy goods from a pretty extensive catalogue that ranges from movie coupons to 72″ televisions.

And there are holiday luncheons, giveaways dropped on desks, free-meal Fridays, and so on.

None of these things really cause us to come together or socialize with our co-workers. We eat lunch at our desks, and run out the door at 5 pm.

But yesterday our whole office was fully engaged with each other. Why? Because of the eclipse.

A few of us took some tin foil, tape, a pin and empty boxes to make eclipse viewers.  Then we all trudged up to the top of the parking deck and watched the eclipse. On our garage there were about 300 people having a really good time for about 30 minutes.

Cheap Thrills. No prizes. But really memorable. And we were all engaged 🙂





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