Sewing: Kennel Quilts

If you’re interested in the Kennel Quilts I was making, please click here to go to my Sewing and Cooking blog.


Before I start making resolutions setting goals for 2016, I figured I should spend a few minutes taking stock of the last year. You know what they say, you have to pat yourself on the back once in a while! Read more

To the New Year :)

My birthday falls at the end of June, almost exactly half-way through the calendar year. When I was a kid I felt blessed because I had a day of presents every six months. I always thought my birthday fell at the perfect time! Now, as an adult, I look at my birthday a bit differently. I see it as a day to sit back to reflect on the past year, while planning for the new second-half of the year! Read more

Clarifying the Hobby; Sewing

For #reblogwednesday I found a post that resonated with me primarily because I really want to do a lot of sewing, but my sewing room is a disaster with boxes of craft items I’ll never use. So a bit of Spring motivation.

Secondly, G is doing a lot of reading about Zen so it comes up in conversation repeatedly. I like how this post presents Zen principles in a way that makes me say, “I can do that!”

Minimilism & Zen

Now that I have conquered the spare room and its inhabitants it was time to assess all the sewing stuff. I have to call it stuff because it wasn’t merely a collection of items that were useful, it was a bunch of stuff from everywhere and everyone. The first thing I decided to do was make a list of the items that I know I needed to successfully make something.

  • Over Locker
  • Sewing Machine
  • Bodice
  • Sewing Equipment
  • Material Box
  • Two Sewing Books

I had 1 super giant box of stuff, then a medium sized box of stuff and further a small tool box full of stuff. After this immense dispersion of unnecessary items I have come out with just a tool box and one giant box that fits all of items for this hobby as well as the tool box. I have successfully reduce my entire massive pile of things…

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The Cost of Clothes

For #reblogWednesday I’m sharing PerfectPear’s blog post.

I sew and know how much work and creativity are involved, but it’s also not a cheap hobby. My G is in manufacturing, so I also know about some of the steps needs to bring things to market.

I think this post is a great reminder of why those lovely, perfectly fitted bespoke items are more expensive, but worth the extra cost.


This blog entry is for everyone who ever wondered “why does that cost so much?”

Let me give you a brief tour of what it takes to make a dress for retail.

#1. A design. In many companies there are several designers who’s job it is to be the idea people behind a brand. In my company, this position is held by me, and me alone. If I worked for someone I’d be paid for this, but as my own boss, I’m not.

#2. A prototype. In a large company you could have any number of pattern makers and sample sewers. When I worked at St. John’s as a design assistant those were the people I was in contact with all day. There were fabric reps coming and going. We had an in house knit supply, and even there we had to search for the perfect knit for a design…

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