UFOs (Unfinished Objects)

I’m beginning to think that I was in a bit of a funk the entire 6 years we were in the townhouse. Pre-Townhouse I always gardened, read books. socialized, did crafts, and worked on the house.

For a variety of reasons, things changed in the townhouse. Part of it was living in a smaller abode that was very dark, and a bigger part was a job where I was pretty much powerless. I didn’t realize what had dropped out of my life until there was a UFO contest (UnFinished Objects) contest on Pattern Review. Most people who sew have a bunch of half-finished projects. Not me. Everything is done. I have no partially completed tasks in this house. Jobs are started, finished, and then the mess is promptly tidied up and put away.

Sounds pretty damned orderly, doesn’t it?

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Round-Up 27-Feb-16


Leap Year

When I was in school we had Sadie Hawkins shags on February 29th. (I think shag is a Canadian term … a dance right after school, but before dinner.) It was the one day when girls could ask the boys to dances. I think it gave us girls the chance to experience the fear and trepidation that comes along with asking someone out. I was shy so don’t think I ever asked anyone to do anything with me.

Do you think girls now feel the same fear we did about asking boys out?

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Generations Clash … The Office Dress Code

On Friday, Corporate HR sent out a notice that jeans would be permissible not just on Fridays but every day because ‘you’ve told us that casual dress improves productivity.’ (There are countless articles/blog posts/journals arguing for either casual or “professional” business attire, but my employer is leaning towards the relaxed end of the spectrum in an effort to be a workplace of choice for millennials – but that’s just my opinion 😉 .) Continue reading “Generations Clash … The Office Dress Code”