Round-Up 14-Feb-16

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. The world is bathed in pink and red and every heart emanates a glow of love. Or not.

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Round-Up 15-Nov-15

Round UpI seem to be having trouble getting back into routines after two different holiday trips in October. The time change threw me off too … early sundown makes me want to just close the blinds and get cozy doing loads of nothing.
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Each Wednesday, as part of the #reblogwednesday event, I’ll reblog something that I found interesting, compelling or fun.

This week I’m reblogging Merry Magpie Farm’s post “Pre-Spring” for #reblogwednesday.

I love this post for a couple of reasons. Spring is my favourite season and the new growth and new birth bring so much hope. Secondly, the photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your early spring!

Merry Magpie Farm

I love this part of the year; the air smells fresh and cool and earthy.  Full of the promise of things to grow. The rains are warmer now, and the first early bulbs are just starting to send their shoots up through the surface.  Normally this also the time of year we look forward to lambs and kids, but we have taken the year off.  Though I will miss the wee lamb noses and kid bleats, I’m relieved to have more time to devote to the garden and other farm projects that are sorely in need of attention.

I have gone through all my seeds and ordered the ones I needed; i’ll be starting my seeds in the mini greenhouse this week. Peas will be going directly into the ground in the next few days.

We did lose one bee hive over the winter. Not sure if it was the…

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Memories in the garden

Late last summer we took an Alaska cruise, sailing from Seattle to Alaska. Our final port of call was Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

We spent a lot of time in Victoria when I was a kid. A couple of ‘the aunts’ (my grandfather’s sisters) lived there so we’d go out for a visit most summers.

My dad died when I was 13, and for our final family vacation we drove west, visited Vancouver, then took the ferry over to Victoria. We visited Butchart Gardens on a beautiful July day.

I haven’t been to Vancouver Island since then (is it really 40 years?) and was really taken aback by how strong and vivid my memories were. I had more than one moment of overwhelming sadness, and at times I felt like I was walking with my dad, but then I saw the beauty that Mr and Mrs Butchart created in an abandoned quarry, and I couldn’t help but feel joy. I’m a gardener now, and I could see that a lot of my inspiration over the years has come from the Sunken Garden.

This Garden is forever imprinted in my memory. I hope you’ll enjoy a few of the photos in my gallery.

If you’re ever in Victoria or on Vancouver Island and have any interest at all in gardening, plan to spend some time at the Gardens. 

The Butchart Gardens

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