Settled for the Holidays

Thanksgiving has come and gone but there are still containers of leftovers in the fridge! I had four and a half glorious days off, the longest stretch of days off I’ve had since we moved into the house in August.

A few random things that I felt like jotting down …

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Round-Up 27-Feb-16


Leap Year

When I was in school we had Sadie Hawkins shags on February 29th. (I think shag is a Canadian term … a dance right after school, but before dinner.) It was the one day when girls could ask the boys to dances. I think it gave us girls the chance to experience the fear and trepidation that comes along with asking someone out. I was shy so don’t think I ever asked anyone to do anything with me.

Do you think girls now feel the same fear we did about asking boys out?

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