And with a big breath out, it’s Christmas

The last three weeks were overwhelming. Once again, I procrastinated and gave myself a huge list of things to do and not not enough  time. Add to that the busiest time of the year at work and I was walking around with my shoulders up around my ears.  Read more


A little too single-minded

I tend to be single minded … so when I get interested in something, that’s all I think about. If it’s a home project, I’ll want to call in sick (or beg to work from home so I can “multi-task” 😉 ), and if it’s a project at work, I don’t complain about coming in early or staying late.

Is that the opposite of ADD?  Read more

Weekly Round-Up 20-Sep-15

Football Sunday and I’m flitting between sewing, and blogging. I think that tells you about the level of stress surrounding my NFL Falcons. I’m only slightly superstitious (rolling eyes), and because they won on Monday night while I was writing, I’m giving it a try again today.

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Perfect Summer Place: Chastain Park Amphitheater

Sunday night we went to Chastain Park Amphitheater for a Steely Dan concert, featuring Elvis Costello & the Attractions as opening act. G was beyond excited when this concert was announced because this is like his dream concert line-up from his days in engineering school. I was excited because I got to go to Chastain.

Chastain is an outdoor amphitheater which opened in 1944 in Buckhead. The park itself has a public golf course, running paths, softball fields, and a horse barn, and it’s all nestled amongst gorgeou$ homes on huge lots. I’d live within walking distance of that park if we won the lottery.

Picnic Pack including important things like wine, wine glasses, corkscrew and candle. Who needs food!
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