Spring 2018 Goal

Image by Life of Janine

For the past few weeks I’ve made a point of stopping every morning for a minute to write down my goals. My intention isn’t just to have a daily to-do list (which is great), but to focus every day on the big things.

Right now, the big thing is to lose weight. That’s been the big thing since about 2010. However it moved way up on the priority list when we booked a holiday for late in the spring.

Travel always includes pictures that are shared and kept forever. And right now, I hate seeing myself in photos. So I’m setting an initial SMART goal for this spring, and I’m stating it publicly. This won’t get me to my goal weight, but it’s a start.

S = Specific = Lose sufficient weight to fit into the smallest pants in my closet

M = Measurable = Just gotta put on those pants!

A = Achievable = Goal equates to about 10 pounds, and I have 9 weeks

R =Relevant = Losing weight is always relevant!

T = Time Bound = Goal day is the day I pack for our vacation

It may be a boring for those who follow along, but I’m going to check in every week.

10 pounds to go …



A checkmark?

Last week I promised to actually set a goal and put effort into fulfilling that commitment, because as I’ve gotten older I’ve quit trying. Life has been all about going through the motions and following routines.

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Hold me to this …

I have recently had an epiphany … I’ve forgotten how to try. 

When I was younger, everything needed effort. I had to work hard to get through university, and work crappy old jobs after a full day of classes. Once I finished school I had to learn how to do a job, and how to cook and manage a house. Then I had to learn how the stock market works, and how to save money. You know the drill. 

But now, as a fully grown adult, I don’t really have to put in any effort. And, in fact, I have forgotten how to actually put my nose to the grindstone.

This week, this one week, I’m going to put on effort in one area – working out. At least 5 times in the next week I will work out first thing in the morning, before I do anything else. Well, I’ll feed the cats, but then I will walk or use the elliptical or go to the gym at work. 

Hold me to this, will ya?

And Begin Again

January 20 25already. When I sat down and seriously wrote my goals a few weeks ago I thought I’d have good progress by now. But in truth, not so much.

I’m struggling with getting back on my eating program. There’s the option to purchase the videos again, and I think that’s what I’ll have to do. They’re expensive, but damn it, I need someone to nag me. That’s why I pay a trainer at the gym when I have everything I need right in our basement!

My daily meditations aren’t daily. My plan was to do them every morning, early (I do get up at 5 am!) yet I’m still wasting time on the computer.

My lack of compliance with my eating and meditation program both have one thing in common, and of course it’s me! Me not walking away from a computer, TV or sewing machine to stop for 20 minutes and do things that will positively impact my life.

The one thing I’ve learned from the 10% Happier meditation app I’m using is this … when you go off course, or when your mind wanders, just stop, refocus, and Begin Again. (The primary meditation guide says this constantly so it’s becoming a mantra.) Today, today, today, I will Begin Again. Right now. Going to do a meditation.

Magic Mirror

In December one of the women at work received a “Random Acts of Kindness” Advent calendar with kindness missions for each day. I don’t know what the specific directives were, but she wrote some nice words on a sticky note and put it up on the mirror in the ladies’ room on our floor.

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A New Year

Another new year! It’s funny how just another Sunday has such power and significance. Truly, every day is a chance to change things, to reinforce behaviours, and to start anew. But since we’re here and we have that fresh new year to add to the date, may as well jump on in.

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Feeling a bit grrrr

Do Americans know that election campaigning in other countries is limited to very short periods of time? In Canada, campaigns are a maximum of 59 days long.  Yup … there’s a limit on the number of days when candidates can make Canadians berserk.

I’m feeling a little bit angry and sick of the whole damned thing, are you? Half my friends and family members have been hidden on Facebook. I’ve unfollowed people on Instagram.

This election seems to have pissed everyone off. Conversations about things that have nothing to do with the election are suddenly interjected with political overtones.

So today I’m posting a few one-liners that someone emailed to me in 2003. (Yes, 2003) They’re not intended to be political … so don’t read anything into them!


Honk if you love peace and quiet.

Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.

Plan to be spontaneous tomorrow.


(PS … I’ve posted a new sewing piece on my other blog. Follow this link if you want to see pictures and discussion that has nothing to do November 8th.)

A little more design in my days

As I wrote about in my last post, I was lax in my routines for the past several months. So I made a vow to myself to be more mindful …

Do you remember going back to school in September, and your mom or dad (or teacher) would tell you that you had to just buckle down and do what needed to be done (typically homework or piano practice)? I recall being royally ticked when my parents told me to do something, but I did it anyway – stomping my feet the whole way. So I’ve been talking to myself like a parent. Just put the dishes in the dishwasher and clean the kitchen before you go play. 

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I’ve never been particularly good at sticking to routines; the only one I keep is being 6 to 10 minutes late for work, every day, and it doesn’t matter whether the commute is 5 minutes or an hour.

Since we moved I’ve struggled more than ever. I’ve missed sending birthday greetings, bill payments, volunteer assignments, and generally am flailing about.

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