Patriotic Weekend Round-Up ~ 4-Jul-16

Bonus holiday weekend for those of us who carry two passports! Friday was Canada Day. Yes, I know Canadians aren’t typified as flag-waving, fireworks blasting patriotic like Americans, but in our hearts, we’re absolutely fervent about our homeland. I always wear a maple leaf on July 1st and wish I was home – but I know that the party north of the border is nothing like the party in the lower 48 three days later.

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Vital Needs Assignment

This ‘change the way you eat’ plan keeps pushing me to think differently about not just eating, but also how I approach food. A few weeks ago it introduced the idea that if your ‘Vital Needs’ are met, you will have less stress and be less likely to reach for comfort foods. Less stress also fits into not just eating less, but enjoying life more.

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Before I start making resolutions setting goals for 2016, I figured I should spend a few minutes taking stock of the last year. You know what they say, you have to pat yourself on the back once in a while! Read more

What have I done today to improve myself?

Living with a Seal by Jesse Itzler

Today I watched CBS This Morning and they interviewed Jesse Itzler and retired Navy Seal David Goggins. Itzler, a successful entrepreneur who happens to be married to Spanx Queen Sara Blakely, hired Goggins as a 31-day live-in physical fitness coach. Goggins’ one condition for the arrangement was, “just do what I say.” Itzler wrote a book about the experience, Living with a Seal: 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet. Read more

Riding Towards a Dream

G and I are at a “point” in our lives. We have suddenly become conscious that we’re aging. Physically, we’re both in good shape. Yes, we could do to lose a few pounds (me more than him), but fortunately neither of us have any real health concerns.

We are typical late baby boomers – we grew up believing that we would never age. However none of the pharmaceutical companies have yet figured out how to keep us young forever, so we’re beginning to think about what we want to accomplish in our lives while we’re still physically well. Read more

To the New Year :)

My birthday falls at the end of June, almost exactly half-way through the calendar year. When I was a kid I felt blessed because I had a day of presents every six months. I always thought my birthday fell at the perfect time! Now, as an adult, I look at my birthday a bit differently. I see it as a day to sit back to reflect on the past year, while planning for the new second-half of the year! Read more