A walk and a shop through London

One of the benefits to G’s heavy travel schedule is points in airline and hotel loyalty programmes. And because he’s basically a really great guy, he blows those points on trips to places that I want to go – like to my favourite city – London – for eight days.

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Round Up ~ 3 April 16

Spring Break

We went on a 5-night cruise last week, our third cruise in 5 months. I think I’m a little bit burnt out on cruises – didn’t go to a single show or participate in any of the ‘fun’ activities offered. But it could also be that there were so many kids and teens around that the pool, theatre and bars weren’t exactly peaceful.

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Round-Up 24-Oct-15: Holiday

We are just starting our first holiday away together in a year, and the first time traveling ‘just us’ in 14 months. There have been little trips away, but all either involved work, or other people. We usually travel with another couple and a single female friend. While we love traveling with them, and we all get along amazingly well, sometimes we don’t want the group thing – we just want to go away and be the two of us.  Read more

Home Again

This week I am home for a holiday. There are several places I call ‘home’, the house I live in, the country I’m from, and of course my hometown. So I should clarify that I’m in my home country and home town. Pretty much my entire family still lives within about 100-km (sorry, back in Canada so I’ve converted over to metric!) of the house we grew up in. So a visit home is really just time with family. Read more