60 years on

Wedding cupcake celebrating 60 years of marriage

Sixty years ago today my parents were married in a little church chapel on a Thursday evening. Mom wore a blue dress; dad wore a navy blue blazer and grey trousers. Mom was a young widow, Dad was a mature bachelor, having spent his 20s fighting a world war, and getting an education. (G and I were married in the same chapel 40 years later.) My oldest sister, Mom’s daughter from her first marriage, was the flower girl.

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Riding Towards a Dream

G and I are at a “point” in our lives. We have suddenly become conscious that we’re aging. Physically, we’re both in good shape. Yes, we could do to lose a few pounds (me more than him), but fortunately neither of us have any real health concerns.

We are typical late baby boomers – we grew up believing that we would never age. However none of the pharmaceutical companies have yet figured out how to keep us young forever, so we’re beginning to think about what we want to accomplish in our lives while we’re still physically well. Read more