Round-Up| 12 Jun 16

This week was absolutely swallowed up by a morass of paperwork surrounding the house purchase. Inspection, shopping for a mortgage, getting a mortgage, cancelling a mortgage (yes, someone we never spoke to, who did not represent us, decided to apply for a mortgage for us. WTF), home insurance, earnest money, negotiations, appraisals. Ugh.

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Round Up ~ 25 April 16

Flowers in our front garden

Word got out that I’m changing jobs, which meant many people kindly called or came by to congratulate me, or asked me to keep them in mind in the event I hear of an opening over at my new job.

What I always find fascinating  about the period between resigning and leaving a job is not the outpouring of affection, it’s the crickets from some people. You know, the dead air …  A few people that I work very closely with have said nothing. And that’s absolutely fine, just surprising. Anyone else experience the realization that work friends aren’t real friends once you put in your notice?

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Round-Up 27-Feb-16


Leap Year

When I was in school we had Sadie Hawkins shags on February 29th. (I think shag is a Canadian term … a dance right after school, but before dinner.) It was the one day when girls could ask the boys to dances. I think it gave us girls the chance to experience the fear and trepidation that comes along with asking someone out. I was shy so don’t think I ever asked anyone to do anything with me.

Do you think girls now feel the same fear we did about asking boys out?

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Round-Up 7-Feb-16

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Yaaaay! Well, not really. My team isn’t playing so that makes it much less interesting. All I hope for is a good game, not a blowout, and that Peyton Manning goes out with a roar.

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A little too single-minded

I tend to be single minded … so when I get interested in something, that’s all I think about. If it’s a home project, I’ll want to call in sick (or beg to work from home so I can “multi-task” 😉 ), and if it’s a project at work, I don’t complain about coming in early or staying late.

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