Just keep moving

First Sunday evening in our new house. I’d like to say that all has gone so smoothly, but that would be an enormous lie.

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Round-Up| 12 Jun 16

This week was absolutely swallowed up by a morass of paperwork surrounding the house purchase. Inspection, shopping for a mortgage, getting a mortgage, cancelling a mortgage (yes, someone we never spoke to, who did not represent us, decided to apply for a mortgage for us. WTF), home insurance, earnest money, negotiations, appraisals. Ugh.

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Round Up ~ 25 April 16

Flowers in our front garden

Word got out that I’m changing jobs, which meant many people kindly called or came by to congratulate me, or asked me to keep them in mind in the event I hear of an opening over at my new job.

What I always find fascinating  about the period between resigning and leaving a job is not the outpouring of affection, it’s the crickets from some people. You know, the dead air …  A few people that I work very closely with have said nothing. And that’s absolutely fine, just surprising. Anyone else experience the realization that work friends aren’t real friends once you put in your notice?

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Round Up ~ 3 April 16

Spring Break

We went on a 5-night cruise last week, our third cruise in 5 months. I think I’m a little bit burnt out on cruises – didn’t go to a single show or participate in any of the ‘fun’ activities offered. But it could also be that there were so many kids and teens around that the pool, theatre and bars weren’t exactly peaceful.

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Round Up ~ 27 March 16

Edible Arrangements bouquet 

Happy Easter! We are going non traditional here for Sunday. No Easter bunnies or malted milk eggs in this house! I did receive a gift of one of those Edible Arrangements this week, and that was our sugar extravagance. There’s a lovely little independent chocolate shop beside the grocery store and I was so tempted to go in and buy a basket of foil wrapped eggs and perfect little bunnies and chicks but I stayed strong! Five minutes of eating pleasure isn’t worth the sadness that will come when I hit the scale.

The Kitchen Remodel

This week I went from the exhilaration of the decision being made, to the reality of finding contractors, determining the scope of work, and the very delicate dance that is going to ensue between Miss Impatient and Mr ‘Let’s Look All the Options Again and Maybe I Can Do It Myself.’

I contacted friends and neighbours for recommendations and 3 of 4 came back with the same name. But I know that this guy takes MONTHS to do the most simple job. He spent 3 months doing a small master bath. That’s not going to work for me.

As a first step to alleviate some of the clutter on the countertops, G decided to change out the shelving and storage in the pantry. Frankly, I wasn’t happy about him starting on a Friday night at 9 pm. He had to rip out everyone, strip the lovely 1979 pineapple wallpaper off the walls, paint, repair the ceiling, then put up the new shelving. In the end, he had the pantry done with everything put away by 5 pm (and he went for a 45 minute run this morning). In that time I’d only managed to half-sew a very simple purse (and spend about an hour at the fabric store).  So loads of apologies around from me for doubting him.


We’re off on a quick cruise next week with our good friends. Sun and the Caribbean … Could there be a better Spring Break?

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. Sending you wishes for a day that brings you renewal and hope.

Round Up ~ 20 March 16

Spring is here! A season of hope, rebirth and renewal … And not just in the Biblical sense. Is anyone unhappy to have more sunlight, plants peeking out of the soil, and trees showing a hint of green?

Spring came early here, and with it the pollen. I’m still suffering (this was a brutal week allergy-wise), and now those majestic Georgia Pines are dropping clouds of green. All we need is one good rain to get us through this. Atlanta meteorologists promised rain all week and it never materialized. Once again, proof that weather is God’s little joke.

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Round Up ~ 13 March 16

This week Atlanta’s temperatures were about 15 degrees above average, so the upper 70s. For a couple of nights I tried to make do with open windows and ceiling fans, but by Saturday the pollen did me in. The switch on the thermostat was knocked over from Heat to Cool – on March 10th. That’s just too early!

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