Riding Towards a Dream

G and I are at a “point” in our lives. We have suddenly become conscious that we’re aging. Physically, we’re both in good shape. Yes, we could do to lose a few pounds (me more than him), but fortunately neither of us have any real health concerns.

We are typical late baby boomers – we grew up believing that we would never age. However none of the pharmaceutical companies have yet figured out how to keep us young forever, so we’re beginning to think about what we want to accomplish in our lives while we’re still physically well. Read more


Learning Along the Way

Last week the lovely author of This British American Life introduced me to The Great British Sewing Bee. I don’t watch much tv other than the news, and quit watching reality competition shows after about season 3 of American Idol, but this show had me spellbound. I watched two episodes the first night and was absolutely hooked – and inspired! Read more

Some Life-Changing Magic

It’s Sunday afternoon and I have just completed a super successful clean out of my apparel. Yes – it is KonMari Method weekend! If you’re not familiar with Marie Kondo, check out my last post here. )

I know everyone wants pictures … so here are a couple of teasers. Read through the full post for my experiences, lessons learned, and photos of my drawers and closets at the end of the process. Read more