Merry Beachy Christmas 

This doesn’t seem very much like Christmas because there’s no tree, stocking, cookies or turkey waiting for the oven.  But we’re creating our own traditions. 

I loaded about 6 Christmas albums and playlists to my Apple Music so am relying on that for a bit of holiday familiarity. 

Tonight I’ll look for an especially bright star and will think about how magnificent the whole Christmas story is. In its basest form, it’s the story of a mother, a father, and a baby who was loved and brought hope to all. Whether you believe or not, it’s an epic story. 

 Hope everyone sleeps in heavenly peace and Santa brings whatever is on your list. 


And with a big breath out, it’s Christmas

The last three weeks were overwhelming. Once again, I procrastinated and gave myself a huge list of things to do and not not enough  time. Add to that the busiest time of the year at work and I was walking around with my shoulders up around my ears.  Read more