Spring 2018 Goal

Image by Life of Janine

For the past few weeks I’ve made a point of stopping every morning for a minute to write down my goals. My intention isn’t just to have a daily to-do list (which is great), but to focus every day on the big things.

Right now, the big thing is to lose weight. That’s been the big thing since about 2010. However it moved way up on the priority list when we booked a holiday for late in the spring.

Travel always includes pictures that are shared and kept forever. And right now, I hate seeing myself in photos. So I’m setting an initial SMART goal for this spring, and I’m stating it publicly. This won’t get me to my goal weight, but it’s a start.

S = Specific = Lose sufficient weight to fit into the smallest pants in my closet

M = Measurable = Just gotta put on those pants!

A = Achievable = Goal equates to about 10 pounds, and I have 9 weeks

R =Relevant = Losing weight is always relevant!

T = Time Bound = Goal day is the day I pack for our vacation

It may be a boring for those who follow along, but I’m going to check in every week.

10 pounds to go …



A checkmark?

Last week I promised to actually set a goal and put effort into fulfilling that commitment, because as I’ve gotten older I’ve quit trying. Life has been all about going through the motions and following routines.

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Happy Easter!

I’m feeling like a bit of a heathen tonight. Our Easter didn’t involve church, although every year I say, “let’s climb Stone Mountain for the sunrise service!” Never happens. I did, however, spend a few moments this morning watching the sun come up and thinking about how truly grateful I am for the sacrifices made for me. Read more