Joyful Monday : 9-Jan

Last year I found a lot of great quotes that I wanted to share, but I would always forget about them when I blogged. So each Monday in 2017 I am going to post one quote as motivation for a great week for me and for anyone who follows.

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Before I start making resolutions setting goals for 2016, I figured I should spend a few minutes taking stock of the last year. You know what they say, you have to pat yourself on the back once in a while! Read more

Life Marches On

I have two older sisters … “Mimi” is a decade older; “Jojo” is five years older. Both were out of the house when I was pretty young, and both married their first (and only) boyfriends. Mimi’s husband has been part of the family since I was six. They’re still married and have settled into one of those marriages where they are virtually conjoined emotionally and spiritually, and they display a lot of the characteristics of old married couples. They talk over each other, they ignore each other, they natter at each other. But they’re together and they will be til death doth them part.

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