Making What I Love: Dressing Gown

I did a KonMari of my closet in April (Link Here) and that completely transformed the way I look at my belongings. When I open my closet doors or pull out a drawer, I feel fulfilled if there are just a few things I adore. After the giant purge, there are a few general categories where I own nothing I “love”, so I’m getting great satisfaction from sewing exactly what I want.

The most recent project was a dressing gown. I’ve got two big, cozy bathrobes for lounging about in winter, but only one lightweight robe, and it’s black lace … not exactly appropriate for watering the plants on the back patio at 6:30 am. (Yes, it is fenced so no frightening small children or old men.)

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Some Life-Changing Magic

It’s Sunday afternoon and I have just completed a super successful clean out of my apparel. Yes – it is KonMari Method weekend! If you’re not familiar with Marie Kondo, check out my last post here. )

I know everyone wants pictures … so here are a couple of teasers. Read through the full post for my experiences, lessons learned, and photos of my drawers and closets at the end of the process. Read more