Patriotic Weekend Round-Up ~ 4-Jul-16

Bonus holiday weekend for those of us who carry two passports! Friday was Canada Day. Yes, I know Canadians aren’t typified as flag-waving, fireworks blasting patriotic like Americans, but in our hearts, we’re absolutely fervent about our homeland. I always wear a maple leaf on July 1st and wish I was home – but I know that the party north of the border is nothing like the party in the lower 48 three days later.

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Round-Up | 4-Jun-16

A whirlwind of activity. Maybe not for someone who has a life or kids, but for me, May and the first week of June have been busy!

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Before I start making resolutions setting goals for 2016, I figured I should spend a few minutes taking stock of the last year. You know what they say, you have to pat yourself on the back once in a while! Read more

Generations Clash … The Office Dress Code

On Friday, Corporate HR sent out a notice that jeans would be permissible not just on Fridays but every day because ‘you’ve told us that casual dress improves productivity.’ (There are countless articles/blog posts/journals arguing for either casual or “professional” business attire, but my employer is leaning towards the relaxed end of the spectrum in an effort to be a workplace of choice for millennials – but that’s just my opinion 😉 .) Read more

To the New Year :)

My birthday falls at the end of June, almost exactly half-way through the calendar year. When I was a kid I felt blessed because I had a day of presents every six months. I always thought my birthday fell at the perfect time! Now, as an adult, I look at my birthday a bit differently. I see it as a day to sit back to reflect on the past year, while planning for the new second-half of the year! Read more

Some Life-Changing Magic

It’s Sunday afternoon and I have just completed a super successful clean out of my apparel. Yes – it is KonMari Method weekend! If you’re not familiar with Marie Kondo, check out my last post here. )

I know everyone wants pictures … so here are a couple of teasers. Read through the full post for my experiences, lessons learned, and photos of my drawers and closets at the end of the process. Read more