Patriotic Weekend Round-Up ~ 4-Jul-16

Bonus holiday weekend for those of us who carry two passports! Friday was Canada Day. Yes, I know Canadians aren’t typified as flag-waving, fireworks blasting patriotic like Americans, but in our hearts, we’re absolutely fervent about our homeland. I always wear a maple leaf on July 1st and wish I was home – but I know that the party north of the border is nothing like the party in the lower 48 three days later.

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Round-Up| 12 Jun 16

This week was absolutely swallowed up by a morass of paperwork surrounding the house purchase. Inspection, shopping for a mortgage, getting a mortgage, cancelling a mortgage (yes, someone we never spoke to, who did not represent us, decided to apply for a mortgage for us. WTF), home insurance, earnest money, negotiations, appraisals. Ugh.

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Round Up ~ 25 April 16

Flowers in our front garden

Word got out that I’m changing jobs, which meant many people kindly called or came by to congratulate me, or asked me to keep them in mind in the event I hear of an opening over at my new job.

What I always find fascinating  about the period between resigning and leaving a job is not the outpouring of affection, it’s the crickets from some people. You know, the dead air …  A few people that I work very closely with have said nothing. And that’s absolutely fine, just surprising. Anyone else experience the realization that work friends aren’t real friends once you put in your notice?

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RoundUp ~ 6-Mar-16

A week of whining

Monday’s osseous surgery was successful … the periodontist was gentle and skillful, but I was left with a bunch of stitches in my gums. And thanks to a silver dollar sized bruise, I look like I was socked in the jaw. The joke around the office has been that she didn’t bother using sedatives on me, she just gave me a pop in the jaw every time she wanted to knock me out.

I took a ‘hypnotic/sedative’ for the procedure and had the most wonderful sleep that morning and really for the rest of the day. I was so relaxed during the surgery that I was humming along to the music. In spite of the ‘you won’t remember anything’ drug, I recall making a conscious decision to hum, then the dentist and nurse laughing. No wonder people get hooked on that stuff!

Peachtree Road Race – Again!

We signed up for the 10km Peachtree Road Race again. Last year was my first and I completely freaked out over the preparations, then blew my time goal by taking that ‘just take your time’ mantra too seriously. This year my plan is to walk it … I’ll likely run/walk, but I am just not feeling the running vibe at all these days. There’s nothing wrong with walking – right?  And sadly, I think that my walking time will be about the same as my running time last year.

Weight Loss Plan Six Weeks In

And I’ve lost just under 9 pounds. I keep kicking myself for not losing more (G lost that much in 3 weeks) but then I remember that for over 2 years I wasn’t able to move the scale down even a single pound. Next weigh-in is on Tuesday and I’m a bit concerned because this week has been a challenge. The dental work affected what I can eat, then a group dinner at a nice steakhouse on Thursday night, and last night I went out for pottery painting and dinner with a bunch of friends.


One major non-scale victory at Thursday night’s dinner, the group (six women) ordered three desserts to share.  Coconut cream cake, bread pudding, and a chocolate mocha gelato thing that a couple of months ago would have called my name. But I ordered a cup of coffee and held firm. I did eat the one strawberry off the top of the gelato, but otherwise it was really easy to just say ‘no’. I came home feeling satisfied but not stuffed, and slept really well that night. This whole, ‘sugar is the devil’ thing is really starting to make sense. But I don’t know how I’ll feel about that come ice cream season!


The light is changing, and spring is definitely here. How do I know? My garage door won’t close in the afternoon. There’s about an hour every afternoon when the sun hits the sensor and the door will not close.

An internet search brought up hundreds and hundreds of links on just this problem, and solutions ranged from having the sensors moved (and rewired), to new sensors, to buying sun shades for the sensor. But I think I’ll go with the best option – a piece of cardboard in the trunk of the car. Pull it out when necessary. Saved myself a few bucks with this one 😉

How was your week?





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